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Join more than 150 amazing alumni of the executive program launched in 2011

The vision of our business sustainability leadership programs are to understand the challenges we as a global community face in the coming decades, to evaluate how business can contribute to resolve them, and how business leaders can shape their strategy and operations sustainably and responsibly.

Acquire skills & competencies to translate sustainability to business with our leadership program for business sustainability

A new way of learning - from teaching to learning:

The Diploma in Advanced Sustainability (DAS) was designed as an experience to help you bring about the change you want to see happening in the world, both from a professional as well as personal perspective.

We seek to open up new avenues of possibilities,

preparing participants for a future that is emerging.


The Certificate in Business Sustainability (CAS) is a lighter option designed for seasoned changemakers and sustainability professionals looking to round of their experience with targeted modules and a project to clarify their personal impact journey. 


Our business sustainability leadership programs combine knowledge transfer with interactive, action-oriented learning and a focus on personal development. They are innovative in their approach as they are built with and around multiple actors in sustainability.

All business sustainability leadership programs / diplomas in sustainability are provided by the Institute for Business Sustainability located in Luzern, Switzerland and are endorsed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the U.N. Global Compact Network Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as by the PositiveImpact.Space.

Our executive programs are directed by Katrin Muff and Thomas Dyllick, world-class sustainability experts, together with an incredible faculty of thought leaders in all fields of sustainability and transformation.

Our business sustainability leadership programs are build on leading-edge research in the trans-disciplinary fields of business sustainability, corporate responsibility, social innovation and transformation.

In their form, they are unique. 

Business Sustainability Leadership Programs: Objectives & Learning Outcomes

The objectives of the business sustainability leadership programs are to inspire and train change agents with a broad understanding in global sustainability and provide them with practical skills to develop and implement solutions for sustainability issues in organizations.

  • You will discover state-of-the-art concepts and tools for tackling global challenges related to the economic, environmental, and social impact of business. You will turn business on its head, learn about social innovations and will explore an outside-in perspective which redefines business strategies as being driven by sustainability challenges.

  • You will move beyond academic exploration from day one and will have the chance to make a positive contribution to a real organization within the program. You will apply what you learn straight away by immersing yourself in a 10-month company consulting project with fellow course participants.

  • You will undertake a transformational journey of self-discovery through personal development classes and reflective thinking. You will redefine leadership from the perspective of leading yourself and others towards a better world.

These objectives of our degrees in advanced sustainability are reached thanks to a diversified program composed of the modules listed below.

Every single social and global issue of our day is a business opportunity in disguise

Peter Drucker

Business Sustainability Leadership Programs: Modules

Diploma in Advanced Sustainability (DAS)

  1. The Big Picture of Sustainability Challenges

  2. Leading Change I: Introduction and Framing

  3. Business Sustainability in Changing Regulatory and Market Environments

  4. Sustainability Innovation for the SDGs

  5. Leading Change II: Developing & Deepening

  6. Responsible Leadership & Global Stakeholders

  7. Sustainability Marketing & Communications

  8. Making Supply Chains Sustainable

  9. Measuring Sustainability Performance

  10. Leading Change III: Understanding & Applying

  11. Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing

  12. Social Entrepreneur- and Intrapreneurship

  13. Leading Change IV & Final Project Presentation

Consulting Project - A concrete application project of external consulting in the area of business sustainability

Certificate in Business Sustainability (CAS)

  1. Sustainability Marketing & Communications

  2. Making Supply Chains Sustainable

  3. Measuring Sustainability Performance   

  4. Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing

  5. Social Entrepreneur- and Intrapreneurship

  6. Business Sustainability in Changing Regulatory and  Market Environments

Personal Impact Project - Combining leadership with impact through an accompanied self-defined project work

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